About TalentNZ

TalentNZ is designed to facilitate a structured discussion on how to make New Zealand’s talent-based economy flourish.

TalentNZ is an initiative of the McGuinness Institute, a non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future, contributing strategic foresight through evidence-based
research and policy analysis.

In March 2011 the Institute had the honour of having Sir Paul Callaghan as the keynote speaker at its first major workshop – StrategyNZ. In his 20-minute presentation
Sir Paul expressed his belief that a focus on talent was crucial for New Zealand’s future. The TalentNZ project is the Institute’s response to Sir Paul’s idea of building a talent-based economy for New Zealand.

There are four integrated work-streams of TalentNZ (grow, attract, retain and connect). These work-streams evolved from the 30 interviews that became the 2013 TalentNZ Journal. The interviews informed our next steps, but it was during the TalentNZ 2014 national tour that the unique nature of each community’s ecosystem became apparent. Each community has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They were all actively seeking initiatives that might help their current talent-ecosystem flourish. The Menu of Initiatives aims to provide a platform for a deeper discussion and development within communities.

By managing the four work-streams  New Zealand is more likely to become a healthy, dynamic and interesting place to live in the long-term.