Sir Paul Callaghan’s Vision

Sir Paul Callaghan suggested a way forward for New Zealand to be successful in the 21st century – an idea that took him a number of years to research, analyse, discuss and reflect upon. In 2011 he presented his idea at a workshop the Institute hosted called StrategyNZ. Sir Paul framed this big idea into one line – ‘a place where talent wants to live’. This idea resonated with over 100 participants and continues to resurface in discussions and strategies up and down the country.

You can learn more about the TalentNZ project, including the background, resources, methodology and work programme here.

Watch Sir Paul Callaghan’s video below.

The video below showcases the journey the TalentNZ project has taken since Sir Paul Callaghan first shared his vision of New Zealand as ‘a place where a talent wants to live’ at our StrategyNZ workshop in 2011.

The video features individuals that we have met and filmed throughout this journey and we would like to thank them for sharing their thoughts – the late Sir Paul Callaghan, Andrew Coy, Hayden Glass, Jared Kennedy, Raf Manji, Karleen Marshall, Sam Morgan, Patrick Nolan, Jess Segal and Bridget Williams. A special thank you also to the students of Te Wainui a Rua school for their wonderful kapa haka performance.