TalentNZ session, World Future Society Conference

The Word Future Society (WFS) conference was held in San Francisco from 24 to 26 July 2015. This years conference was titled: Making the Future 2015: Envisioning and creating the conditions to drive revolutionary change. The Institute is the World Futures Society’s chapter for New Zealand, and we have spoken at three of the Society’s previous conferences on our overarching project: Project 2058. For the 2015 conference we ran a panel session on Building a Talent Based Economy in
New Zealand
and discussed what we have learned thus far regarding creating talent-based economies.

We have published a series of blog posts discussing our reflections from the conference. Read Think Piece 23: The Future of Talent: Reflections from the WFS conference (December 2015) to learn more about our reflections from the conference.

Building a talent-based economy in New Zealand – World Future Society 2015 from McGuinness Institute

Prior to the conference, the WFS offered one-day intensive master classes. These sessions were run by leading global experts in futurism and professional foresight and were designed to provide fundamental, contextual and interactive scenario-based learning. To learn more about the master classes we attended see our blog post.
The Master Classes we attended at the WFS 2015 were:
  1. Rigorous Futures: Learning to harness Logic, Creativity, Systems Thinking and Intuition. This class was run by Richard Lum, CEO of Vision, Foresight, Strategy and Wendy Schultz, director of Foresight Research and Training at Infinite Futures. (attended by Hannah Steiner-Mitchell on Thursday 23 July 2015)
  2. Bringing Future to Life. This was led by Trevor Haldenby, founder of The Mission Business Inc. (attended by Sun Jeong on Thursday 23 July 2015)
  3. Would you like to play a game? A facilitated introduction to using and developing foresight gaming systems. This was led by workshop leaders: John A. Sweeney, Deputy Director of the Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies and CEO of Futures Ninja, Inc.; Sparks Grove Senior Manager and Experience Strategist, Sandjar Kozubaev; and Futurist and University of Southern California consultant, Zhan Li. (attended by Wendy McGuinness on Thursday 23 July 2015)
  4. Introduction to Foresight. This was led by Andrew Hines, assistant professor and program coordinator for the strategic foresight course at the University of Houston and Lee Shupp, Managing director, Insights and Strategy at Speck Design. (attended by Hannah Steiner-Mitchell on Friday 24 July 2015)

Photos from the World Future Society Conference (23- 26 July 2015) from McGuinness Institute