The TalentNZ worksheets were launched at the TalentNZ sessions we ran at the New Zealand Community Boards Conference in the Bay of Islands (15 and 16 May 2015). The theme of the Conference was ‘Influencing Change’, and it brought together local community board members, mayors, councillors, council staff and other persons who are interested in making a difference in their communities from throughout the country. Our session discussed the role of strategy and why a focus on creating a place where talent wants to live will deliver optimal outcomes for New Zealand. During the session we gave participants the six worksheets which are designed to further develop thinking around creating a talent-based economy in communities:

  1. Illustrate the difference between character, personality and practice
  2. Illustrate an understanding of the impact of health and medical advancements
  3. Illustrate an understanding of future studies
  4. Illustrate an understanding of the three components that bring about change and drive the system in which you operate
  5. Illustrate an understanding of the TalentNZ Ecosystem
  6. Design a TalentNZ strategy

20150519 TalentNZ Worksheet blog image

For more information on the TalentNZ sessions at the New Zealand Community Boards Conference, including the Powerpoint presentation and photos from the event please see the event page.